When to Hire an Organic SEO Services Company

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You may be in need of an organic SEO services company if you are wondering how to drive more organic traffic to your website.  Agencies that specialize in digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) can help allocate your budget correctly so that you can stop spending thousands of dollars on paid online advertisements and start getting free [organic] clicks.

If you’re not too sure where to start, we’ll give you a plan, and if you’re still not too sure about handling SEO without help, we can handle your professional SEO services.

Why Is Organic SEO Important?

SEO is very important for every business. In today’s competitive market, SEO is more essential than ever. Search engines, like Google, carry out billions of searches for countless users every day.

People trust search engines to help them solve a problem or find an answer to a question. Search Engine Optimization is key to improving your website so it will rank higher in the search engine results pages.

It’s a way to boost your websites organic traffic by making it rank higher which allows more users to see it. Our organic SEO professionals take the right approach to optimize your website which helps to increase the organic traffic.

This is how you are able to reach more customers, convert leads to sales and meet your business objectives.

Get to Page One With Help From an Organic SEO Services Company

We’ve helped a variety of businesses get their websites to page one of Google utilizing our organic SEO expertise. However, just because we helped another business, doesn’t mean we are the right fit for you.

Consumer Action Law Group was one of our first clients. Before they started SEO campaigns, they were spending around $10K per month on paid Google Ads alone. On top of that, they were paying people to manage those ads and hired someone to handle their SEO in house.

When they started to optimize their site with SEO, their traffic was about less than 5% organic while the rest was coming from paid advertisements.

They were sick of pouring their money down the AdWords drain and not getting the results they were promised and that’s where our professional SEO services came in handy.

Cut Your Spend in Half

After they started using our services, they cut their paid advertising in half and grew their organic traffic to 30% within the first year.

How’d we do this?

We implemented our organic SEO tactics starting with optimizing the content they already had. Simple fixes to the titles, adding keywords to their images (alt tags), and adding more related keywords to their posts were just the beginning.

Once we started creating new content around keywords specific to their niche, analyzing it and constantly optimizing, their ad spend decreased to $2,500 a month and their organic traffic increased to 60% within the first 2 years.

Now their ad spend is under $1,000, organic traffic is up to 90% and they are gettings about 1,000 calls a month. On top of that, their website also ranks on page one for over 50 keyword phrases.

How to Do SEO Yourself

Using an SEO tool like Ahrefs to check your site’s SEO will give you a better understanding of where your website currently stands.  This tool will do an SEO audit of your site showing the current organic traffic (free clicks), the paid traffic (if you have ads running) and any errors your site may be having.

Now if your organic traffic is below 100 you might want to consider implementing some of these do it yourself tips.

4 Do-It-Yourself SEO Tips:

 1.       Understand Keyword Research

Skip the industry jargon!  Consumers generally use common sense phrases to search for your type of service or product. Keyword research identifies these phrases that consumers search for and also help to measure the demand for those searches.  For example, if you are a lawyer seeking new clients for federal credit report act violations, the best keywords are “mistakes on credit reports” and “identity theft disputes”.

Google Keyword Planner is a good place to start and is a great keyword researching tool. It helps to analyze the number of searches the keyword gets and how hard it is to get ranked for that keyword along with other statistics.

2.       Understand Your Competition

Understand your competition by researching your most successful competitors that have a business model that works.  To understand your competition, you must ask, what are they doing right? What could we do better? What sets them apart from the rest? What features do they use to engage their prospects?

After answering these questions, structure a strategy around them and use your findings to your advantage.

3.       Invest In Mobile Optimization

More than half of web searches are accounted for by smartphones so your website should be able to function on desktops as well as smartphones and tablets. A website that functions well on a mobile device is important for engagement and search engines take this into consideration.

You want your website to have a seamless experience for all users to gain good organic engagement.

4.       Post Unique Content Consistently

Publishing unique, SEO rich content on a regular basis also helps boost rankings. Start by scheduling posts a week or even a month out.

It does not have to be written content.

You can post photos or videos, as long as it is tailored to your services and relevant to your target audience.

If you still need help after trying these 4 DIY SEO tips, don’t be ashamed to reach out to organic SEO experts. They can live for getting those page one rankings and are learning new techniques every day.

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