• Industry:  Women’s Online Clothing Shop

  • Company size:  Small business

  • Client goal(s):   Generate more online sales


Scenario synopsis:  


Ecommerce can be somewhat of a buzz word in the marketing industry.  However, there are thousands of ecommerce stores that have successfully navigated the internet properly, which is why the business model has crossed over to the mainstream market.


This specific women’s clothing shop started as a hobby that evolved into an ecommerce shop.  I met with the two co-founders and heard their desire to succeed in the space.


They read online that SEO would be their best option to help the website generate more sales.  While that is true, I recommended an alternative traffic source to start with because I knew the benefits of immediate sales from this channel.


For the previous 6 months, their shop made an average of $1,000 per month in sales.  After we implemented an influencer marketing campaign, the store shot up to over $20,000 in sales and experienced months of more and slightly less thereafter.  Ecommerce has the capacity to experience a quick sales spike by virtue of the industry.  And influencer marketing is the dirty little secret to do so 🙂


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