High-Quality SEO Link Building Service

We only provide high-quality back links that will help to increase your website rankings on major search engines.

High-Quality SEO Link Building Service

seo link building services

Most businesses need online traffic to succeed in their industry or niche.  Link building is a very effective method to boost online traffic, but it can also be harmful if done incorrectly.  In the past, links were exchanged between site owners as goodwill gestures.  Now, links are a precious commodity that can have a very high street value.  One common mistake made by businesses competing for online traffic is paying for low-quality links, without fully understanding the value.


Natural link building services still make a huge difference in the amount of organic search engine traffic your website will get. In order to leverage the power of link backs, however, it matters where your site pages are mentioned. Links that are not placed correctly can send your webpages plummeting down the search engine results pages (SERPs) into oblivion.


A reputable SEO link building service should be able to demonstrate the value of the link building and give concrete recommendations to boost your online traffic.  When you hand over your link building and management duties to our professionals who understand the current best practices and have a track record of getting results, we can boost your traffic numbers without excess time and stress.

How SEO is Affected: High vs. Low-Quality Links


As powerful as a quality backlink is for your website SEO, a bad link on a platform with a poor reputation can be just as ineffective. Bad links with a poor reputation will destroy your SERPs instead of giving them a boost. Google’s algorithm values links in different ways depending on the quality of the website they are found on.


Years ago, the more backlinks you had, the better, and it did not really matter where they were. These days, that attitude will ruin any attempts to increase your organic traffic. Our SEO link building service take all this into consideration when building links.


  • What is Considered as High-Quality Backlinks?

There’s a misconception that just having huge quantities of links on a website will boost its rank. However, a website with a limited number of backlinks on high-value sites will rank higher than one with a huge number of links on lower-value sites, depending on the link quality.


How does Google define the value of a backlink?

– High domain authority based on the ability to rank near the top of the SERPs

– Keywords are valuable and relevant to your business website

– Quality anchor text for the external link

– The site’s own linking strategies

– Proof of quality due to social sharing and mentions

In a nutshell, if you can find the website with a simple search of a keyword or come across it prominently on popular social media platforms and from other quality sites, it can provide a quality backlink for you.


  • What Are Low-Quality Backlinks?

Low-quality backlinks, as stated by Google, are links that are intended to manipulate the search results that may be considered a part of a link scheme. This means that any links that are placed solely for the purpose of increasing rankings are in danger of being considered as low quality.


If you cannot find a website in the search results, no one will drop a link to one of its pages on social media. If the website’s content does not align with your site’s topic, you can be sure that putting a link to your website on it will hurt your SEO rankings. Bad quality backlinks are spammy and have little value for actual people searching for information.

Top Manual Link Building Strategies


THiNKTANK utilizes top, advanced link building strategies that will increase your website ranking. These plans are key to placing high-quality backlinks that will get your website ranking above your competitors’ who are or may not be using the advanced link building strategies.


Here are some advanced strategies that we can utilize to boost your ranking:


1. Publish Press Releases – Popular and high ranking news sites or press release platforms allow us to share immediate and interesting content with your target consumer base while creating a quality backlink at the same time. We write and publish these with new company activities, product line releases, or special launches of note.


 2. Establish Guest Post Relationships – Increase reputation for your website for producing quality content for other website owners. Guest posts will get your name and website link on other pages. As we focus on top-quality options, guest posts can provide a powerful boost to our SEO efforts. With ongoing relationships between site owners, we will establish a weekly or monthly link building service with great benefits.


 3. Engage Your Audience on Social Media – More people are checking posts on various social media platforms for recommendations and site links than ever before. We will spread your site links responsibly to popular social media sites to establish authority and engage consumers in a responsible way.


 4. Create Internal LinksSEO and a linking strategy that also incorporates links between the different pages of your site. For example, we include a link to a cornerstone content page in your new blog post or cross-reference important information from one page to another.

Our Professional Link Building Practices Will Increase Your Website Ranking


The team at THiNKTANK works with you to determine your professional vision and target audience, and we create a powerful solution to both on-site and all-site optimization strategies. However, it is important to note that the quality of the links does impact the effect of the links.


Our SEO link building services provide the best SEO link building in the industry. When you buy link building services from us, our professional link building practices ensure high-quality backlinks that will help to increase your website rankings on major search engines.


THiNKTANK offers experience and expertise when it comes to high-quality link building aligned with overall optimization and online marketing strategy. Instead of spending your time researching and creating backlinks, you can run your business and rely on our quality link building service to handle this for you. We will get your website ranked on page one!

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