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When someone is going to be making a purchase, anything from a gift to home renovation, they are going to be heading online to make an informed decision. Research has confirmed that 79% of people research online before making a large in store purchase. So, if 79% of people are looking up businesses online, that means those who do not have a website are missing out on their chance to get in the running for those big purchases. No matter the size of your business, people will be researching what you offer online.

Websites are important because they give a face and a voice to businesses online while keeping their customers up to date on products, company announcements, and product launches. It isn’t worth the money to have an ad created with every sale you offer, every promotion going on, and every new product you start selling. A website is a great platform to update customers on what is going on.

An equally important piece besides the details about products and your business is the look. Having a professional looking website and copywriting will represent your company well while having a consistent feel in your advertisements and social media. Having a website that matches your business shows professionalism and that you believe all aspects of your business’ presence is important.

When potential customers find a business’s website this establishes credibility. Credibility plays a large role in consumers purchasing decision. Over half, 63% of consumers, would buy a brand they perceived as trustworthy over its competitor. To get the lead on the competition a website is key.

If a potential customer searches online for contact information of a business, they are hoping for quick and easy access. The days of telephone books are a thing of the past and a quick lookup online is the new way to find the quickest contact point for a business. When customers come across your website they can find contact info such as phone number, location, hours, and an e-mail for easy customer service. Full accessibility means that they no longer have to wait for business hours and it makes it easier for their schedule.

Now that we are on the go, mobility plays a big factor when people are trying to research a company. A website is almost no good if the mobile view doesn’t match the quality of the website. Researchers say 52% of users said they would be less likely to engage with a company if the mobile website was bad. So, if you have a great website, it could mean nothing if it isn’t the same experience on a mobile device. This is a seriously negative experience because 48% of users say that if they arrive on a business site that isn’t working well on mobile that they take it as an indication of the business simply not caring.

These stats all lead to one obvious answer. The need for an attractive, mobile friendly, and user-friendly website can make or break your credibility which can stand between you and a sale. If you want to be taken seriously, then showing up in searches and having a website is a must.

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