Benefits of Internal Links – How To Do It On Your Own

internal links

Internal links are integral to any SEO strategy if you want to generate more traffic to your site. In the world of SEO, backlinks are some of the best ways to direct relevant traffic to your site. SEO backlinks are considered the core of any successful SEO campaign: they boost your ranking for the specific keyword, make your site become more prominent on search engines, and easily tell users how relevant your site is to what they are looking for.

What Powerful Internal Links Look Like

Powerful internal links connect pages and posts within your website to each other. Internal links should link to pages that are relevant to each other. This tells Google that the pages you are linking to and from are relevant to each other. Links that come from your homepage are usually the strongest because it has the most backlinks. Internal linking to your cornerstone article is also a good way to give Google a better indication of how relevant your articles are to each other.

For example, if you wrote an article about fishing, you should include internal links to another article from your website that is also related to fishing. If you link a keyword to an article about cars, it is going to have an insignificant impact when Google crawls through the page.

Of course, each article that you use for linking should be valuable to the readers. By making sure that Google understands the relevance of your pages and the value they bring to users with smart internal linking, you will increase your chances of ranking for those pages. Don’t forget, you want to show Google that the pages from internal links are relevant and valuable.

Setting Up A Strong Backlinks Strategy

You can get backlinks that work by having them come from other websites that are relevant to yours. For example, if you want to send backlinks to a law-related website that you own, getting backlinks from other legal-related sites will help boost your site better than backlinks coming from non-legal related sites.

If a backlink comes from an irrelevant site such as a food blog post, it will have little to no impact. In fact, backlinks from irrelevant websites might have an adverse effect and can be seen as a part of mass backlink purchases strategy. For this reason, it is discouraged to purchase backlinks in bulk that come from all kinds of niche websites.

Using a backlink checker can help make backlinking less of a hassle. A good backlink checker will show you how many backlinks your website has, the Domain Authority (DA) of the websites, whether or not if the backlink pages are broken, how much traffic the websites are generating, and more. We use a backlink checker that shows us these data to help with our SEO backlinks.

Internal Linking SEO Is Definitely Worth The Effort

Internal linking SEO is a core component of page boosting strategy that will get your pages ranked by making it easier for Google to read the relationship between the linked pages. Strong internal linking and backlinks can be tricky and time-consuming to achieve, but they will get your pages higher ranked and bring more qualified traffic to your website.

It may take time to fully master, but taking the time to understand backlinks and internal links will definitely be worth the effort. Once you grasp how they work, it will get easier and take less time to plan and execute them in the future. The quicker you can get the links implemented, the quicker you can get your website ranked.

Get Internal Links SEO For Your Website

If you want solid internal links that will boost your website visibility, our internal linking SEO services can help. We have our own link building strategies that have shown results for our clients. We also have content creators who can create new content that is relevant to your niche and build internal links from it to boost your website.

Here are some other strategies that our internal linking SEO service involve:

  • Develop a strong linking structure so that your site links to excellent content while ensuring that the links are active.
  • Develop relevant content on your site that is information-driven that attracts traffic.
  • Target and link specific keywords that will benefit all pages that are involved in the links.

If you want SEO link building services that work and are cost-effective, THiNKTANK can help. Contact us today!