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Internal links connect relevant pages to each other. This tells Google that the pages being linked are related to each other and can provide value to the readers. Not only will internal links get your pages ranked, but they will also benefit the cornerstone article for the particular topic.

If you have a cornerstone article about energy drinks in general, you can have subtopics that fall under that umbrella. They could be about different flavors, advantages, disadvantages, or comparison between different brands. If all the subtopic pages internally link to the main article about “energy drink”, the main page is receiving all the link juices from them.

Once your cornerstone article is ranking, you can start adding content to it about all your subtopics. And within the addon content, you can link a keyword that is specific to the subtopic. Since your main page has strong authority, any relevant links that derive from it will be stronger than your average link.

This is an ideal scenario of internal links. It can take some time to fully grasp the overall process of internal linking, but once you start understanding it, it will get easier and quicker to get the links placed.

It is important to value the power of links. There are many strategies involved in SEO, and internal links are one strategy that can drive quality traffic to your website. If you need any of our SEO services for your website, give us a call. We offer a FREE site audit.

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