• Legal niche:  Family Law (divorce, child support, general family law)

  • Firm size:  Small size law firm (3 attorneys)

  • Client goal(s):  New website and new prospects calling in


Scenario synopsis:  


Client had a website but was not receiving phone calls or web leads.  Their website needed an upgrade and the firm was on board with a website redesign.  However, they did not want to wait 3 months for a new website to generate prospects.


We proposed and explained how Google Adwords was their best short term solution for generating prospective calls in a short amount of time.  They agreed to the short term (paid advertising) plan and long term plan (website redesign + SEO work).


The client wanted to start a brand new Adwords campaign with a fairly low monthly budget of $1500/month.  We agreed on the terms and started work on their new campaigns.


In the first week, the client was pleasantly surprised at the number of brand new calls that came in directly from the online campaign.  Overall, in the first 30 days of the campaign, the final tally of inbound leads equaled 38.


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