• Industry:  Gymnastics center

  • Company size:  Mid-size local business

  • Client goal(s):  Fill up Fall and Winter gymnastic programs


Scenario synopsis:  


This particular gymnastics center is quite well known around the internet, however, many local families are unaware of its existence.  Olympic athletes have trained and compete at this facility, yet the center has found it difficult to recruit and enroll children for its fall and winter programs.


Despite the stellar page 1 rankings garnered by their website, it did not translate into local enrollment.


We sat down with their team, talked through several options they had tried, and then proposed running targeted Facebook Advertising campaigns.  It took our team a week to build out the necessary assets to run the campaigns including a variety of audiences, but the results were staggering to say the least.


The reception team needed to create a proper follow up and call back process in order to handle the influx of new leads generated from our Facebook campaigns.  372 leads in 26 days isn’t too shabby 🙂


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