• Legal niche:  Personal Injury

  • Firm size:  Small Size Law Firm

  • Client goal(s):  Generate calls from digital advertising


Scenario synopsis:  

This particular law firm has been active in their local community, resulting in a healthy pool of referrals.  They have a standard website that was built around 2010 and has invested into local yellow pages campaigns.


When asked about the return on investment directly from yellow pages and their website, the response was all too typical.  Many attorneys are getting most of their leads from their network of influence and very little from online activities.


An average cost per lead for an exclusive Personal Injury case can range between $200-$400 depending on the area.


After getting the green light to run some online campaigns for this firm, in less than a week into the campaign, our efforts were generating leads at less than $20.  Right now, the cost per lead has been hovering between $15-$18 per lead.  Needless to say, this is a much better return than the average.


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