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Email marketing is a great way to utilize your current resources and making the most of your marketing efforts.  You’ve heard the saying, “It’s easier to keep a client than it is to acquire a new one,” when you use proper email marketing strategies you’re able to nurture your current customer list and move them to buying more of your products or sales.


When your company is spending money on generating leads, email marketing is a great way to extend the marketing dollar and keep it working for you.


From newsletters to event emails, to the latest developments, to your most recent results, using email to keep in contact with your list will help your company grow in the long run.


Some of the top tools to consider using for your email marketing campaigns include:

  1. Aweber
  2. Constant Contact
  3. Drip
  4. Active Campaign
  5. Get Response
  6. Hubspot
  7. Infusionsoft


There are a host of others but these are the commonly used tools for small to mid size companies.  Some of the tools like Drip, Hubspot, or Infusionsoft also double as contact management systems.  This allows your marketing campaigns to interlinked with your CRM, giving your team a more efficient way of tracking the stages each file is on.


Another buzzworthy concept that email marketing encapsulates is retargeting.


Not only are you able to retarget on various websites through third party advertising platforms, but with the right tool, you are able to retarget customers directly through sending email campaigns.


For example: Jane visits an T-shirt store online and browses through the boys t shirt section for her son, but she has to leave so she bounces off the website without purchasing.  Email retargeting will cookie her website with a retargeting pixel, map the behavioral data to a specific email created around that product and written to get the visitor back to the website.  3 days later the email is triggered, Jane gets the email, is reminded of her son, she quickly purchases the shirt and off she goes.


Email marketing done right will create a windfall of opportunity for your business.  Give us a shout and we’ll talk through how we can help you.

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