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Native advertising is pretty, creative, and more and more common than anyone would think. This type of advertising is when there is an ad placed within a platform that looks completely normal, just like the ad is part of the program, and it also functions just as the other parts of the program does in order to blend in flawlessly. An example would be on Pinterest when there is a pin, which is an ad, but it looks just like another pin of a pretty sunset. Often, people will save these to a board or click through because it looks no different than another pin.

This is a great advertising technique to get a business in front of the right audience without coming off as spammy or being avoided. With consumers spending more and more time online every day they are getting used to avoiding certain types of ads and are actively on the lookout to get around ads at all cost. Native ads are not as obvious and annoying as normal ads used to be and they fit right in on the website so it keeps them aesthetically pleasing while still having paid content.

Native ads have another thing going for them besides fitting in. These types of ads actually attract three times more time and attention than mobile ads and even have ten times better performance. Because these ads are more attractive and generally fit in with the content that the audience is already there to see, consumers don’t mind clicking on the link or article because it is so relevant. For example, on LinkedIn, there are sponsored articles which give general good information but is also an advertisement, so the consumer is willing to look it over before even realizing it is paid content.

Another form of this type of advertising is seen in apps and games. Advertisements are in the background, on a border, or part of the graphics in the app and take zero effort for the content to be seen and consumed. How and where the ad is placed makes it easier for the product or service to be registered in the mind of the consumer the company because it blends in so well.

Depending on the platform, native ads could even go viral. Pinterest and Instagram have opportunities to create ads that speak to the audience, is shareable, and does not leave a gross ad taste in the consumer’s mouth. On Pinterest, a pretty sunset or a powerful quote are things that are pinned to boards by everyone. With native advertising, a company can create a quote or find a stunning image that stays true to a business’s branding and the image will start to be saved to boards even though it has info about a business in the information. This keeps the brand in mind while also giving value to the consumer they can appreciate.

Native advertising must be handled carefully and created professionally. With advertising that so closely resembles articles or pins, some people could feel they are being tricked into looking at an advertisement when they thought they we opening just an informational article with no pitch. This concern is why knowing your audience and keeping it on brand is important. Native advertising can be created to look good, but if it leaves a bad taste in their mouth and is done poorly it can reflect poorly on the business. It is best to go into this type of advertising cautiously and have it well planned out before implementing.

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