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Social media is a meeting place for two and a half billion people around the world. It is where everyone from young to old come to share ideas, photos, art, memories, jokes, videos and more. This is why it is important for businesses to have a presence online. It is necessary to have an online presence now in order to look like a credible business that knows how to reach and interact with their consumers.

With the capabilities for businesses to reach consumers dwindling offline, the online world is really the best avenue to reach such a large chunk of their market at once. Traditional ads can be found on tv and radio, but if a customer is happy with how amazing their food was from an establishment they head to Facebook or Instagram to share the news. No one is going to be taking out ad space on the nightly news to gush over the fresh toppings on a pizza they had from their favorite pizza place.

This holds true, especially, for small or local businesses. This avenue of advertising is mostly free and allows a direct connection to the community and chances to reach others beyond the local surrounding areas. Having a consistent and friendly voice online makes it easy for followers to feel free to engage with the company, learn more about the company, make it more human, and gives a sense of security when consumers are buying because they feel they know the business from consistent exposure online. Using social media to make a business look more human also gives another chance for unsatisfied customers to come forward to give the business a chance to fix something that went wrong and gain another customer back.

When it comes to creating a strong social media account there is more to it than just coming up with photos of your products and wishing for the best. There should be thought and time put into each social media platform because each is unique. Some things that work on Facebook would not feel right on LinkedIn. Along with types of content, it is important to understand the type of audience that would be most preferred for the business, and then shaping the content to engage that target audience. Just like writing copy for an ad, it is important to write to entertain but also gain the attention of the right people.

Social media also gives a great opportunity for creative advertising. Taking advantage of social media influencers is a very smart avenue when trying to reach more people than just the locals that are loyal to the brand. An influencer can reach a large audience which closely resembles the target audience that a company is already advertising to. When done properly and thought out it can result in a great collaboration to boost sales and give an upper hand on the competition.

Using social media for a business can come with many different perks that are just are not possible offline or with only a website. It gives companies a direct connection to their target market and the flexibility to give even better customer service that is both easy and cost-efficient.

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