• Industry:  Orthodontist Office

  • Company size:  Mid-size small business

  • Client goal(s):  Create a new lead generation for new business


Scenario synopsis:  


This orthodontist office is a staple in the local community.  Spokane, WA boasts of a vibrant college football scene with a loyal fan base and this orthodontist office has been known to serve and sponsor many community events.


When they were looking to spread the awareness about their company, they started to explore ways to do so using the internet.


When we initially spoke, there were hesitations about using Facebook since they already had an active Facebook page yet it did not convert into many new patients.  However, after creating a full Facebook campaign on live video for them, they were able to notice the power of deep targeting through the ad platform.


85 new patient leads resulted from our first campaign sequence which ran for roughly 45 days.  Needless to say, they were happy, especially when they saw past patients singing their praises in the comments section of the different ads 🙂


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