What Is Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization helps potential clients find you over your competitors

What Is Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization

A general definition of SEO is the optimization of your website so that it shows up in specific search queries and ranks higher on the search engine results pages. Search engine optimization helps potential clients find you over your competitors.


It is careful placement and use of keywords and phrases along with certain settings within your website and blog posts in order to appear in searches on websites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


If you can’t be found on a search engine then how are people supposed to even know you exist?

Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important?


Search Engine Optimization is important because it helps lead customers to your website organically. This is ideal because there are no ads involved to get them to click through to your website, it just organically showed up against the competition because of strategic SEO implementation. This is a powerful tool because you have paid nothing, just used your creativity to entice potential clients to your website.


An interesting part of SEO is that you don’t have to be #1 on Google ranks to get attention and have customers clicking your links, but it certainly helps.


Users truly trust search engines and having your page ranks in the top results increases the website’s trust and credibility. This will also ensure that your web page will be trusted and shared more often on social media which will lead even more traffic back to your site.


Credibility is a major bonus when it comes to showcasing your business online. When potential customers can find your website online and it looks good, it gives your online business more credibility. This is important because a large number of customers go online first to research a company before making a large purchase in store.

If you’re not utilizing SEO techniques you are preventing your business from being found.

Assume your competitors are using SEO, it almost seems like having a website is a waste of time, money, and energy. Your competitor will be found faster and your website may be pushed further down the search engine rankings.

How Search Engine Optimization Works


Search engine optimization works by increasing your website ranking on search engine results pages. The higher your website ranks, the more traffic you’re business will most likely get.


SEO is also something that can change with trends.


Just like trying to promote on social media such as Facebook or Instagram which changes algorithms, SEO can change tactics. With trends going more and more towards video content, voice searches, and mobile-friendly websites, deciding how to work with these needs is crucial. It is important to stay on top of how people are searching and not just for what.


Another part of SEO that can impact your chances of people finding your website when searching is how well your website looks and works. SEO ranking will be affected by your site’s speed, context, relevancy and quality of your content. For example, if people are not staying on your website for much longer than 15 seconds then this can also affect if your website ranks on a search engine.


It is important to have quality content and keywords that are relevant. The user experience is another ranking factor in the search engine algorithm.

Know The Importance of Of Search Engine Optimization Techniques Before You Invest


There are certain techniques that must be tested to see what works and what doesn’t. Search engine optimization isn’t something that works overnight. If you are outsourcing your SEO services and they tell you their results are quick, chances are they are doing some sort of black hat SEO. This will not help your website; it will only hurt it.


What is Search Engine Optimization Techniques


A trustworthy SEO company will have an actionable plan that includes techniques such as keyword research, building links, and guest blogging. Seeing results typically take 3-6 months, but you should see the biggest return within the first year if doing proper SEO.


When you invest time and money into your website it is like creating your dream salesman and SEO is like giving your sales team a cheat sheet to entice potential clients and get them in the door. With the sales team ready to attract new customers, hitting your business goals will be easier than going it alone.

Where To Go For SEO Services


SEO services are a must in growing your business. It is something you can do on your own, but if you find yourself having trouble, Think Tank, can help with all of your search engine needs. Contact us today for free website evaluation and get started on building your plan.

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