36 Leads To 12 In-Office Appointments

Legal niche:  Immigration Law

Firm size:  Solopreneur Attorney

Client goal(s):  Generate calls asap for new practice

Scenario synopsis:  

Many solo attorneys spend a significant amount of time at noon luncheons, networking events, and working their referral sources.  These are all effective methods of prospecting, however, it is quite difficult to scale.

This solo attorney was a seasoned networker and landed most of his early clients through one to one meetings with referral sources.  This client wanted a scalable solution in order for the practice to grow.

We launched every component of the online campaign from scratch and garnered 36 brand new leads for this attorney in the first 30 day cycle.  Needless to say, this client was happy to work each new prospect and scheduled 12 new in-office appointments with more to schedule.

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