Facebook Ads for Plastic Surgeons in 7 Easy Steps

If you are a plastic Surgeon and looking for new channels for advertising, then you should try Facebook Ads. We are Facebook advertising agency that runs sucessful Facebook Ads campain for plastic surgeons. Contact us today so we help you acquired more leads with Facebook ads and improve lead for your medical practice.

As you know, Facebook has taken over most people lives and make it a daily routines. As Facebook users grow, more data are collected to their database. This data then translate to filter that help you indentify unique audiences for your business.

Facebook is one of the best marketing channel today and that’s why we have 7 fullproof steps to getting your Facebook ads up and rolling. With this 7 steps, you will have enought knowledge to market your business through Facebook Ads Manager.

1.  Be Seen – Build your profile/business page

It’s important to have an appropriate yet professional business page for your practice. Your personal page should be used strictly for personal acquaintances and family and friends. When you are creating your business page, think of it as another “touch to your brand”. You want the page to represent you…no different than the interior decor of your office.

Here’s a list of items to include and upload to your business page:

  • Your company logo
  • Facebook Header photo (this can be a photo of your office, yourself or your team). Be aware of the dimensions that are necessary for the photo to fit or make sure to modify. You can always change this photo whenever you like.
  • Contact Information (phone, email, website, etc)
  • Business Hours

2.  If You Build it Then They Will Come….

Now that your page is built don’t forget to POST and LIKE. Facebook Ads are useful but you need to create a presence first and foremost. Online social activity can be a good representation for your brand.

Think of your Facebook Business Page as a “peek” inside of your practice, your team and your work for potential customers. Just think of Facebook as another platform for you to represent yourself and your brand. It’s up to you to show your page some love, first.

3. Get Followers, Friends, and Clients

You can import contacts and Facebook will also make recommendations based off your current “friends”. Make sure to encourage current or former patients to follow your page.

Referrals can be obtained easily from social media. Word of mouth is great for plastic surgery candidates and Facebook is the “new” word-of-mouth channel. Don’t shy away from making those connections.

4. Create an Ad

The previous steps should be familiar to you – now we are going to take it a step further. The Ads Manager will be your friend throughout the ad-building process. All information about your ads will be stored here. This is the part where Facebook does the “thinking” for you to reach potential customers.

Side note: Facebook offers a downloadable app for the Facebook Ads Manager which is compatible on Android and iPhone smartphones to make campaign management easier while on the go.

Side note: Before you create an ad, consider all options because Facebook supports multiple advertising options. Each style of advertising requires different dimensions, file sizes and character count.

Options include: video, image, collection, carousel, slideshow, instant experience, lead generation ads, offer, post engagement, event responses, page likes. They are all different formats but they all vary in how they can help you reach our end goal. Click here to find out more with Facebook Ads Guide.

As with all advertising, you may be wondering about your “marketing budget”. Facebook advertising is not like traditional advertising. Your budget is what you are “willing to spend”. Facebook ads are not like traditional advertising, you only pay for impressions a.k.a results. Basically, no clicks then no charges. There are two types of budgets: daily budgets and lifetime budgets.

Once you know what you are willing to spend on a daily or over the lifetime of the ad. Now it’s time to actually create the ad. Facebook has two options, when creating ads from scratch:

  • Guided Creation (Highly recommended since you are new to Facebook Advertising)
    • Facebook will automatically review and publish for you once you click “Confirm”
  • Quick Creation (When you become an advance user, then use this option)
    • You can edit, review and the publish. The ad stays in “draft” mode until you “publish”.

advertising on facebook for plastic surgeons

To create an ad you can click the +create button.  As you can see in the top right corner of the screen, you can toggle back and forth between Quick Creation and Guided Creation.

Once you have created an ad…

Editing your ad is simple as well if an error was made. Don’t feel like you are stuck, changes are welcomed. You can change your audience, your schedule, your budget – even your creative – with a few clicks.

Click on the Campaigns Tab and find the ad or ads you want to edit.

Look for the pencil icon to make any changes or edits in the Ads Manager. Click Publish once you are satisfied with your changes.

Side note: Facebook allows flexibility. You can always pause an ad if need be.

5. Analytics are your friend!

Ads Manager is where you create and publish the ad. Facebook Insights is where you will see what the ad is “doing” or “not doing”.

Within your analytics there are two types: Page Insights and Audience Insights. Page Insights shows you the activities of your actual page, for example, likes, comments, etc.

Audience Insights reveals the trends and activities of your potential customers. Both are equally important yet Audience Insights should be your main focus.  Click here to learn more about Audience Insights.

Here’s a list of available insights about your target audience:

  • Demographics – age, gender, relationship status, job, etc
  • Page Likes – the top pages getting the most “likes” or attention
  • Location and Language
  • Facebook Usage-how frequently is your target audience logging in and what devices are being used
  • Purchase activity

6. Don’t Forget to Update and Check Your Page

Whether you have a marketing manager or admin on the team, make sure you check your page frequently. Also, check your direct messages for any notifications as well, because potential customers may send private notes about a consultation.

You can also post specials or other discount to drive business. Always post smiling faces and before and after photos (with patient consent of course). The ad is working but don’t forget to add some original content to your page.

Once you set the ad, you can forget it but true social media marketing requires attention and patience. Adjustments can always be made, if need be, that is the beauty of Facebook Ads Manager.

7. Finally, explore!

Maybe your ad didn’t do what you expected? Review your Insights and make adjustments. Try a larger reach, try a different photo for the ad….it’s all about testing. Maybe more responses with an ad that is more of a “Testimonial” and not a sales pitch (implement a patient’s smiling face).

You’ve got cosmetic surgery under your belt, now you know Facebook Advertising. Kudos on taking a step in the right direction!

Oftentimes, business professionals are intimidated by social media and digital marketing, there’s no need to be. It’s easy and quite effective for all professionals and all industries. To this day, 2 million businesses are using Facebook advertising, make sure you are one of them.