Accelerating From 8 Leads To 55 Leads In 30 Days

Legal niche:  DUI/DWI Law

Firm size:  Small size law firm (4 attorneys)

Client goal(s):  Take over current campaign and make it better

Scenario synopsis:  

This particular client is quite savvy online and has spent thousands of dollars in advertising for both online and offline campaigns.

They had a previously set up Adwords campaign that needed much optimization work done, which we revealed to the client during our Audit Review phone call.  We both agreed to terms that allowed us to revamp and relaunch campaigns to generate more traction directly from Adwords.

Previously, their campaigns were pulling in 5-8 leads per month!!  Yes, that’s PER MONTH 🙁

From the day we relaunched their newly reoptimized campaigns they were seeing leads as many as 5-8 per day!!

In the end, in their first 30 day cycle, we were able to generate 55 new leads for this client.

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