How to Increase E-Commerce Sales

increase ecommerce sales

Today’s world has gone digital, and if your business website utilizes some sort of e-commerce platform, then you need to know how to increase e-commerce sales for your online business. All successful e-commerce stores know how to connect to their consumers in ways that make them become loyal to their brand.

So What Makes an E-Commerce Store Successful?

One of the most critical factors the makes an e-commerce store successful is its online sales. Whether your online store is sizeable, small or just getting started, creating a fluent online presence is important.

Selling online has made generating business easier since it gives consumers a 24/7 option. It lets you tap into a whole new market of customers who might not be aware of your product otherwise.

With the right marketing strategies, you will find that growing your online business is possible; it just takes time and effort.

Here are some tips to help you out.

Ways to Boost Traffic to Your ECommerce Store

increase ecommerce traffic

Build a Killer ECommerce Website

In the past, retail was simple. Fair prices, quality goods, and excellent customer service were all that you needed to make a sale. Things are no longer the same. In the age of the internet, people shop much differently than they used to in the past.

No matter how a prospective customer finds you — whether, through an ad in a local newspaper or a social media post, they are more than likely to search for your website to learn more about what you have to offer.

Your website is your digital shop window. Whether or not potential customers decide to stay and browse your online store depends on the intuitiveness and design of your site. To succeed in selling furniture online, you need a useful and attractive website.

Your website serves to legitimize your business and lets customers know what to expect.  When someone arrives at your site, they quickly form an opinion about your brand. If the website is annoying, difficult to navigate or seems unsafe, the impression they have will certainly not be a good one.  

Make sure your storefront is customized for your brand’s look and feel. Don’t use a template. Here are some things for every furniture store website needs.

Features Of A Great E-Commerce Website

Secure Transactions

When people buy things online, especially big-ticket items like furniture, they expect to purchase from a secure website. If your customers think that your website isn’t safe or their information is stolen on your site, then it could render a massive blow to your brand’s reputation. Hiring a professional website design company can help ensure that your website is secure from hackers and safe for your customers to shop at. A safe website site will make customers feel comfortable shopping at your store.

Beautiful Product Galleries

Your product galleries are where you display your products for customers to view. High-quality images of your products are essential. In today’s digital world, customers have come to expect detailed photos of the things that they buy.

Seeing a product can help them visualize the item in their home. It helps your customers understand exactly what they are purchasing. Make sure your photographs are crisp and clean. Having several views of the same item is helpful.

ecommerce website

Mobile Optimized

More than 57 percent of internet traffic comes from mobile devices, according to the latest statistics. Therefore, you must make sure your website looks great on any mobile device. Your website design should make it easy for customers to browse and purchase items right from their mobile device.

Multiple Payment Options

Make the payment process simple for your customers. It should be seamless. Offer a variety of safe, secure payment options like American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal and more. This will create a smooth buying experience for your customers making them more likely to shop with you in the future.

Optimize Your E-commerce Store for Organic Traffic

Once you build the perfect website, the next step is to optimize your e-commerce store for organic traffic. E-commerce SEO services are key to becoming a well-known brand across the internet.

It’s the process of gaining the trust of not only the consumer but also of the search engines, like Google.

So how do you increase e-commerce sales with organic traffic?

Create Unique Content

When it comes to increasing e-commerce sales, content is key. You want to make your store stand out from your competitors so before you dive into creating pieces of content, make sure you do extensive keyword research.

Strategically placing keyword phrases that your customers search for throughout your website helps with your search engine results page ranking. This means you want each page to be enriched with keywords including your product descriptions.

Don’t write a bland product description. Be creative and capture the tone of your brand in every piece of content you write. This is what will make your customers connect with you and keep coming back.

Utilize Meta Descriptions to Your Advantage

Not only is content found throughout your e-commerce website, but it’s also the first thing searchers see when your site pops up in the search results. The short blurb of text under the title of your page is called a meta description.

This description is like the back of a book. It should be catchy and tell the user what the page is all about and once they decide to click, your page should reflect the meta description.

You want to also make sure that you add those keywords into the meta description as well to help the search engines understand what that certain page is about.

Build Those Links

Another tip to boost organic traffic and increase e-commerce sales is to build those links!

Having websites linked back to yours allows search engines to classify your content as quality content that people should read. Having quality links from sources with highly visited and trustworthy sites will help to boost your organic traffic.

This means more potential customers to convert into buyers and increase your e-commerce sales.

Wow Them With a Great Follow-Up Email

The customer experience does not end when you have the customer’s money. Don’t forget about your customers once you have their credit card details. Your follow-up email should be just as important as getting the initial sale.

Spend some time developing a helpful follow-up email to send to customers. Think about what information your customers will find useful. Here are some things that you might want to include in your email:

  • A detailed summary of their purchase
  • A link to their purchase history
  • A link to modify their order
  • Links to relevant products
  • A way for them to leave feedback or a review
  • Direct link to contact customer service
  • Incentives on future purchases

These are just a few of the things that you can include in your follow-up email. The most important thing is ensuring that the email provides relevant, useful information. This will help ensure that your customers feel valued — something that is bound to make your furniture store stand out from the rest.

Need More Insight on How to Increase E-Commerce Sales

How to Increase E-Commerce Sales

Putting all these tactics together is a great start to increase your e-commerce sales. However, running a business and doing all the technical work yourself can be stressful.

If you find yourself stuck, or still looking for some assistance, our professional ECommerce team can help bring your store to the next level. Call us today, 818-275-9646, to get a free website analysis and see how we can increase e-commerce sales!