Saved $21,600 in Advertising Costs

Legal niche:  Consumer Law (auto fraud, TCPA, foreclosure, bankruptcy, FCRA)

Firm size:  Mid size law firm (6 attorneys)

Client goal(s):  Re-optimize Adwords for efficiency

Scenario synopsis:  

Client has been performing well on the digital landscape for several years.  Their website has been ranking well in Google and has been pulling in organic leads from the search engines naturally.

They have also been running numerous paid advertising campaign to send traffic and generate leads.

However, after further analysis of their entire marketing spectrum, we were able to save them $1800 a month in advertising costs without sacrificing lead flow.  That is a grand total of $21,600 in savings!!!!!

This client is averaging an astonishing flow of 20-25 leads per week and 80-100 leads per month 🙂

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