From 140 Leads To 1,436 Leads In Same Time Frame

Legal niche:  National Consumer Law Organization (AF, TCPA, FDCPA, BK, FC, FCRA)

Firm size:  Mid size organization (7 team members)

Client goal(s):  Re-design website and Re-optimize Adwords for better results

Scenario synopsis:  

This specific client had a functioning website with a functioning adwords campaign budget of $10,000 a month.  Although they were not hitting the spend threshold, they were able to generate conversions.

From the month of January 2017 through March 2017, their adwords campaign generate 140 leads total.  This was good activity, however, had room for improvement.

When our team was brought in for an audit, we recommended a website redesign on the backend (which took us 5 weeks to complete) while running a revamped and reoptimized adwords campaign.

After successfully launching the redesigned website, we managed to accelerate the adwords campaign to generate 10x the amount of conversions.

In the same time frame as the previous year, from January 2018 through March 2018, the reoptimized campaign and landing pages generated over 1,435 leads while remaining under the full $10k budget spend.

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